Wednesday, December 5, 2012

today's text messages

We're on day 3 of no hot water. Monday's gratitude for clean water hasn't entirely deteriorated, but the annoyances of dealing with less-than-reality-based landlords and lack of hot water in our homem shower have gotten old already.

Today was full of annoyance.  Mixed with a little fear and trepidation, thanks to a bit of  health-related news that wasn't entirely optimal. Nothing major, but still not the sorta thing you really want to hear or deal with.

But I got a handful of texts from a small group of folks who'd been waititng to hear the news.  Full of support and genuine caring.  Sometimes, this short-attention-span, digital-theater, crazy snippets of technology world?  Sometimes, it allows people simple and quick connection.

And after circus time and dinner and margaritas with a good friend, I'm no less appreciative of those messages of love and offers of assistance.

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