Saturday, December 29, 2012

another day, another year

It's been 10 days since I last posted, not quite what I meant to happen in this gratitude season. Although, as one lovely woman put it "I'm behind in posting my gratitudes, not feeling them."  Which is rather the whole point -- to take a minute, or several, and find the calming thanks in the day, in our lives.

So, there's a small slew of photos to come, representing some of the things that have made me grateful in the past two weeks.  Holiday lights, smooth travel, catching up with a friend I'm not sure I've seen in person in almost 15 years.  Free champagne.  Giggling with El Bandito.  The lakeshore on a morning run.  The lakeshore, from the other side, on a chilly afternoon with a dark snowstorm on the horizon.
They'll come, when I download them from devices or swipe them from El Bandito.  Or they won't, but I will have held those moments and their messages in my heart in gratitude. Either way.

And today?  Today I turned 40.

It was a good, and low-key birthday. Thoroughly spoiled by El Bandito and my sister, brother-in-law, and parents.  Given a perfect gift from the inlaws of donations to three charities I fully believe in.  Had a walk with El Bandito, lunch with my designated "best friend", dinner with the family.  A crazy workout sequence from my conditioning coach which let me hit my "40 for 40" goals (40 reps of each of a dozen exercises, in a flowing sequence repeated 10 times with recovery exercises inbetween).

It was a good day. It's been a good year, and I have no reason to believe 2013 will be any different. More adventures, together and apart.  More meals with friends and hikes and travel.

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