Saturday, January 31, 2009

yesterday I did...
an easy 5K.
to celebrate an internet friend's 40th.

only, at about the 4th kilometer, I tripped.
one of those slow-motion falls where you have enough time to consider what's happening, but not really enough time to change things.

I grazed a hip.
and the heels of both hands.
But managed not to jar my bad shoulder too much.
(I am so terrified of re-injuring my post-surgical shoulder that it's not actually funny).

and I got up, and just kept going. No lasting injury. Some new bruises, although right now, my legs are sufficiently black-and-blue I'm not sure which bruise is from what activity...

it did, however, mean I didn't get to go play on the trapeze and practice new tricks. torn hands are not trapeze-friendly -- and trapeze is not hand-friendly.

I missed it.

but a bike ride, a long walk with a friend, and a lazy afternoon in the sunbeam with El Bandito and the cat?

it's not the same, but it's still a damn nice way to spend a Saturday.

Friday, January 16, 2009

physical therapy

nope, this isn't a post about the daily regimen of shoulder exercises I'm still doing 15 months post surgery. or the knee exercises I ought to be doing.

or the pain of A.R.T., which has helped my shoulder immensely.

A friend of mine commented, when I complained about my current limbo-like state of employment and therefore my concern about the expense of trapeze classes and training, that "it's cheaper than couples counseling."

She's right.

Don't get me wrong -- I have a marriage I'm extremely happy in. He makes me fall over with laughter; he makes me feel safe and cherished and supported. El Bandito rocks my world, and I'm pretty sure that feeling is mutual.

But trapeze is, in some ways, a type of therapy. There's some truth in that.

I love running, hiking, and even walking because of the rhythm and the scenery and a hundred reasons.

And as long as I'm active, I'm generally pretty cheerful.

But trapeze is different.

Part of it is the sheer physical challenge, especially now that I'm back in advanced classes and learning new things.

Yesterday, I caught myself by my ankles dozens of times. Intentionally. From standing on the trapeze to hanging by my ankles. From sitting on the trapeze to hanging by my ankles. From hanging by my knees to hanging by my ankles. These aren't new things, but they're things I'm getting better and better at.

When I'm on the trapeze, I can't think of anything other than what I'm doing with my body.

I spent some several minutes fighting my (irrational) fear of a simple trick: "butt balance". Which is hard to explain, but is basically, balancing on your butt on the trapeze, hence the name. There are a bunch of different balances in static trapeze (back balance, front balance, butt balance, straddle back balance to name a few), and each of them has been a challenge to learn. Finding the balance and maintaining the pose takes a lot of concentration and coordination.

Those hours of my week? there's nothing else.

and I love them for that.

Not to mention the endorphins, the sore muscles, the feeling that I've used my body well, the tired abs, the bruises (as I hopped in the shower tonight post-run, El Bandito counted 10 on my lower body alone, from abrupt contact with the bar or ropes).

And then I'm too exhausted to worry about whether I'm employed after February 1st, and if so, where.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

data junkie

I'm a scientist by training, and by nature.

El Bandito the magnificent gave me a wonderful Christmas present: a Garmin Forerunner.

It got its inaugural "run" this afternoon.

My inner data junkie is quite pleased. Even if my body says "OMG, what's this running business???"

Off to play with the accompanying software for a while before it's time for ab torture.

Friday, January 2, 2009

a birthday tree and new years

I have one of those birthdays that falls between Christmas and New Year's. A mixed blessing.

The other day, as I passed a discarded christmas tree on the curb, I was reminded of a childhood birthday. My parents always tried to make my birthday distinct from the rest of the holidays. One year (and I can't remember how old I was), they claimed one of those discarded trees, snuck it into the house on my birthday, and decorated it especially for me. (I think they used ribbons and bows, so as not to use Xmas ornaments). It was my very own "birthday tree", and I still smile 20+ years later to think of it. I have awesome parents.

New Year's was a social whirlwind. We left the cold-and-snowy to return to fog, although we saw an amazing sunset above the clouds. Then we dashed off to a New Year's Eve party after dumping our luggage and a quick meal. Got up New Year's Day and sat in a bar for 3 hours. What? There was an all-important hockey game on. Then joined many hung-over friends for a late brunch/dinner/afternoon meal, before returning home for the evening. A lot of fun, and now we're catching up, settling in, and taking deep breaths before next week's return to the daily grind.

Of course, I sent off a job application this morning. So there's always something...