Saturday, December 1, 2012

it's December, y'all

Said with the closest thing to a Texas accent that I can muster.

and I have so many stories to catch up on, so many thoughts I'd like to share here, not because I think there are that many people who want to read them, but because it's a bit of a way to keep track.

This isn't that post. And maybe those posts will never happen. 
Instead, I'm reposting something from just about a year ago, updated.

Three or four years ago, I found a lovely blog in December, which actually belonged to an old friend who is Texan through and through, in all the best ways, far as I can tell. She had started a project called "30 days to a grateful heart" -- to consciously find, for the busy holiday season, things that made her thankful.

Two years ago, she invited people to join her. Last year the circle grew.

The exercise made me more aware of the little things, and the big ones, that make up my days. And made me think about *why* I'm grateful for those things.

Most days, I do know how awesome my life is. But it's easy to get caught up in the details and the annoyances. Sometimes, I need to stop and think about all the things that make my life so awesome.

So, today, I'm starting another month of recognitions. 
And I'm starting it simply, just like I did last year.
Thankful for the reminders.  For this idea, and the community I've seen grow around it.

Happy December, y'all.  I'm glad my path crossed that of a fabulous Texas lady so many years ago.  

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