Sunday, June 10, 2012

flying through the air ...

not necessarily with the greatest of ease.

I fell in love with aerial and circus arts without ever trying the circus apparatus that everyone knows: the flying trapeze.

About a year ago, I did my very first swing on the flying trapeze -- one of my pals was an instructor and just threw me up there one evening.  It was a little terrifying... no, more than a little terrifying. And yet, a great adrenaline rush.  But I never got back up there.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a friend came to visit from out of town. She, El Bandito, and I all went and took a beginner's drop-in flying class -- some super basic tricks, and after about the 4th time I stopped being incredibly terrified about the height.  The funny thing is that the fear went away as soon as I had a good grip on the bar; it was standing on the platform that made me shaky!

so far, it's been a great year of trying new things, even if I'm lax about documenting them here.
So much more to come!