Saturday, January 14, 2012

I just hit enter...

on the registration for my first ever half-marathon.

Despite the fact that my long run today didn't go well -- not enough sleep, not well-timed nutrition, too much sun, and legs much too tired from the week's workouts, even though I only ran one other time this week.

I may not finish it quickly. I certainly won't run every step.
But I'm fairly confident that barring injury, I'll do just fine. It won't be under 2 hours. It will probably be under 3.

And really, it's about the challenge to myself. I turn 40 late this year (how the heck? I swear I just hit 30.  Somehow, a half-marathon seems like a good way to kick off the year.

and hopefully, trapeze performance at the end of March, although I'm half-afraid I'll jinx it by even mentioning it.

and then, we'll see.
I came up with the crazy idea of hiking the Torre del Paine circuit in Patagonia for my 40th birthday, if I can get some friends who are equally as crazy to join me.

But first things first. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

how is it the second week of January?

2012 keeps flying.  The holidays already seem a long time past.

There's a lot going on already in 2012, most of which I won't talk about publicly. At least, I won't talk about it publicly unless and until things are more definite. So, I'm a little more on edge.

Which probably means that it's a very good thing that I am (somewhat haphazardly) training for a half marathon on Superbowl Sunday, though I haven't yet fully committed to it. We'll see how this weekend's long run goes -- it's weird training on 2-3 runs per week, but I can't fit any more in around circus training. That's more important to me, even though it has less tangible goals right now.

However, last Saturday's long run was beautiful. A lovely morning run with some good hills and beautiful vistas and a good pace for the 10 miles of running (11.5 with walks and warm-up/cool-down).

Normally I'd do my long run on Sundays, to give my body a day off after the week's crazy workouts. This past weekend, however, I was holding Sunday open for a hike with a pal. I wasn't sure if she could make it, but she surprised me slightly by jumping on the opportunity Saturday night. The weather continued to be gorgeous. The scenery was amazing, and the company awesome as always.

It's good to have these times, where my needs for exercise and company are met simultaneously.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the first evening of 2012

I am sitting on the sofa with one cat curled around hugging my left thigh.
The other cat is on my right shin, left foot, and El Bandito's arm.
El Bandito is dozing on the other end of the sofa.

I had ...

a lazy morning.

a completed NYT Sunday crossword.

a lovely long run in the park this afternoon.

A good dinner and delicious wine.

2012 is off to a delightful start.

Happy New Year!

I have half a dozen half-finished gratitude posts. They may find their way up yet. They may not. The last week or so of December, one of the things I've been most grateful for? free time, and lack of (too many) responsibilities, even self-imposed ones.

I love how Jote's project has spread, and how many people have found things in their lives to be thankful for.

2011 was a good year for me, for us.  Ups and downs, like any year, but full of travel and adventure and fun and friends and family.

Sometimes, I wish I could find that myself as angst-filled teenager and tell her -- your life won't be anything like you imagine. But it will be *awesome*.  Having that urge makes me realize just how lucky I am.

Life is an ongoing adventure.  May 2012 bring you and yours (and me and mine, for that matter) joy, peace, and a whole new set of fun and exciting challenges -- in the best possible ways.