Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten Things on a Tuesday

Today's post might just be brought to you by the letter T. But it might not.

Ten) No letter T here. I intended to write a post about snowshoeing in Yosemite. I didn't. Write the post, that is -- we did indeed spend an enjoyable weekend playing in the snow with friends and marveling at the views. However, I haven't located where El Bandito downloaded the photos, so I couldn't find one to add to this post. Perhaps I'll save it for a summer evening when we could all use a little ice.

sqrt(81)) Tofu. Oddly enough, this ties in to snow-shoeing. With all the snow around, I was hit by a memory of being snowed in while in college, stuck on campus when I lived off-campus. A friend of mine took pity on me and made me a tasty meal at her on-campus apartment. The food was good. The caring inherent in it was most of the memory. Despite the fact that I've eaten a lot of tofu in my life, I'd never had it done like she made it.

Serendipitously, she posted the recipe on her blog a few days after I thought of it.

And, surprising El Bandito greatly, I actually made it for lunch on Saturday. Why did that surprise El Bandito? Those of you who know me in person may be aware that I don't cook. I bake; I do make extravagant fancy desserts (not always baked). But I don't cook. It was quite tasty.

eight) I forget what eight was for.

siete) Towel. Not that I needed further proof that El Bandito is among the world's very best spouses, but this evening I came home drenched from a sudden downpour in the middle of my run, and he met me at the door with a towel freshly heated in the dryer.

12/2) Temptation, Travel, and Teammates. Five years ago, I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (which really ought to be against Breast Cancer, don't you think?). Last year, a woman I know from the internet did the 3-day walk with a group of fabulous-sounding teammates. She's encouraging me to join them this year. They're in Arizona, so traveling would be necessary. And probably problematic. It's tempting, nonetheless. It was a good experience to do the Avon Walk, but there was a lot of craziness surrounding it (we moved less than a week later, for example). I'd love to do something like this as part of a larger group. While I consider the possibility, y'all should go donate to her team: Team Bad Girls. It's a good cause.

V) Reading about polar exploration makes me cold. and angry about the waste we're laying to the environment. (Hmmm. Temperature and Temper?)

2^2) Trapeze. I've made it more than half-way through my countdown without mentioning trapeze? My act is progressing. Sometimes slowly and frustratingly, sometimes well. It's the performance part that is challenging. The Circus Center announced the dates for its annual "recreational student" (that'd be me!) showcase -- the last weekend in August. I damn well hope I'm ready by then.

3) Time-wasting. I gave in to the crack (aka FaceBook). So far, I haven't found it deeply compelling. Time will tell.

zwei) There are no particular Ts in this one. Just an acknowledgment that I like the letter Z, although ten items with Z would be even tougher than T.

and finally...

the last thing. Tent! Wish me good weather for the weekend. El Bandito and I (and possibly the friends with whom we snow-shoed) are heading car-camping and day-hiking on this upcoming weekend. I am very much looking forward to it.