Monday, December 3, 2012

hot water

The hot water heater quit this morning.

Pretty strange thing to put in a "gratitude" post, eh?

I admit, it made us pretty grumpy -- especially because our landlord isn't the easiest guy to deal with.

But we managed.  El Bandito has the flexibility to work at home today; I can work at home tomorrow if necessary to accommodate the plumbers.

And frankly? we're pretty lucky. We *have* hot water, the vast majority of the time. We have resources if something goes wrong. We have schedule flexibility. We can always shower at the gym if necessary.  We can heat water on the stove to wash dishes if necessary. Annoying, but not really that bad.

Sent off a little extra to charity:water when I finally got to work. Because I may not have had a hot shower this morning, but I have clean water to drink. And the opportunity to help a little bit for those who don't.

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