Saturday, March 26, 2011

mixed bag

I got back from a three-week vacation two weeks ago, and it seems like forever. It was an excellent vacation, full of minor adventures, a lot of relaxation, good food and gorgeous scenery.

And sheep.
And penguins.

Things have been a mixed bag since I returned, however. My circus school is in the midst of restructuring and moderate upheaval. One of my coaches left. And my favorite class has been cancelled -- I can take the "same" class on a different day, and will, but I really liked that particular time slot for many reasons.

And work has been ornerous at times. Re-entry never is easy after a fabulous vacation, I suppose. I knew there were some unresolved issues to address when I got back.

However, I did say it was a mixed bag. And that indicates good along with cranky.

Finding out I've been put forward for a raise/promotion, a year ahead of schedule.

A run in the light rain. Slow, but felt surprisingly easy considering how little running I've done in the last 6 weeks. Longer than I'd intended, because of the ease.

Walking into the house and finding dinner was mostly ready.

Trying flying trapeze for the first time ever. Oh, I love my static trapeze; I'm not giving it up! But it was fun to try a new aerial apparatus. Scary, but fun. Oddly, once I was flying, it wasn't scary, but waiting for takeoff was a bit unnerving.

A long catch-up phone call with a good friend. This too a mixed-bag, in that said friend is facing some major life decisions with fairly tight time deadlines. But still very very good to talk.

Tonight, a casual dinner date with my husband. Tomorrow, a hike with a friend, rain or shine.

and now, back to work.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

it's bad timing and me...

... we find a lot of things out that way.

(yet another song lyric from my college years)

A month ago, I did something that scared me conceptually: I auditioned for the Circus Center showcase. Don't get me wrong -- just because it scared me didn't mean it wasn't something I really wanted to do. I've been wanting to do this for more than a year, and the freak ankle injury last July completely ruined last year's opportunity.

Actually doing it? Far less scary. I didn't mess it up, which is really all I wanted. I knew I'd done well enough technically that if I didn't get in, it was because my act didn't fit with the ideas the directors had for the show.

What I wasn't counting on?

Mismanagement and complete non-profit chaos that almost resulted in the school being shut down permanently. Less than a week after the auditions (and I was the first audition on the first day of auditions; 2 days of auditions were being held two weeks apart), the board of directors notified all the staff and faculty that they couldn't make payroll past that day. I'm fairly certain that the board wouldn't like me publicizing that fact, but it's not exactly secret knowledge.

A lot has happened in the intervening three weeks, I believe for the better. Many of the previous board members resigned. There's been restructuring. A new Executive Director. More serious fundraising efforts. I've been hearing about this in snippets for the last three weeks, as I've been on holiday far far away from the circus (in more ways than one). One of the casualties, however, at least temporarily?

The showcase.

Which had been scheduled for 3 weeks from now.
and has now been postponed, delayed, or canceled, tbd.

There are thousands of things more important than my crankiness about all this. But I am cranky about it -- it just seems like something's always off with the timing. First being sick for Muddy Buddy last year, then the ankle injury which still isn't 100%, now this. Grumble.

and there yet may be a performance opportunity in the midst of all of it -- at least one of the fundraising ideas will be an open house, presumably with a short show.

still. bad timing.

ah well. other doors will open.