Sunday, April 22, 2012

upside-down? Sideways? what's vertical?

It's been a good year so far, despite having a mild case of pneumonia. It's been a year for gently pushing my own limits, though each step makes me want to jump further from my comfort zone.

adventure #1: the half-marathon. currently deciding what organized race is next, although enjoying my maintenance running. Two short runs on the horizon, one to accompany a friend on her first 5k race. Another just to have fun with the craziness of a Color Run. But another half, I think, in the future. Could i train for, and run, a marathon? sure. But running's my secondary love; I don't want to compromise circus time for marathon training.

adventure numero dos:  Vegas, baby, Vegas.  The tail end of a fun road trip exploring Death Valley with El Bandito, while both of us were a touch under the weather. Fancy duds, a good meal, a fun Cirque du Soleil show, an awesome room service breakfast. I'd never been to Vegas -- over the top. Very over the top. Not my usual kind of scene -- I'm more about "the less well-traveled path" but it was fun for a short trip. I could return for Cirque Week, as long as I got to balance it with more outdoor time.

adventure iii:  the circus showcase. I've been looking for an opportunity to perform for a while. But wasn't sure how I'd like it. Answer: LOVE IT.  Once my hands were on the bar, the apprehension disappeared. Sure, watching video, I can see spots I need to work on, facial expressions to relax, hand gestures to refine. But I had a blast. Bummed it was only a single show.  And it was so much fun to be part of creating something with a large group of people, of doing transitions from act to act that were entertainment themselves.

I've had a couple smaller adventures in the last week.  I spent an hour playing on the aerial hoop (aka lyra) with an accomplished friend.  I spent both afternoons this weekend in an aerial dance workshop where I hung from ropes and danced on walls and had a fabulous time.  In my aerial work, I've been focused on either learning specific tricks and skills, or rehearsing and refining my routine. It was so fun to just play. That's something I want to bring more of into my life: time to play.  And this was definitely chalienging -- not just physically, but psychologically, especially since I leapt in to a group of "advanced" dancers (despite my lack of dance training).

I don't know what's next -- we're talking about our vacation plans and whether we're doing a big trip in the winter for my birthday... but I'm loving this year of adventure. I want MORE.  There will be backcountry hikes, and sea kayaking. and more play!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Saturday night was a circus show.

A scaled-down, one-night only showcase for the circus school I go to.  Previous showcases (before the school's implosion in early 2011) were full weekend events, with 4 shows, and tickets costing $20. This was a free show.

None of this diminishes my joy in *finally* having gotten to perform a trapeze act.

It was tremendous fun to be part of a show, with silly transition acts and group dance numbers (that was pretty ridiculous).

I want to do it all again. Now!

As exhausting (physically, mentally) and time-consuming as the training and rehearsals were, I still want to do it all again.

Damn addictive trapeze.

I've got drafts of posts written. About road-tripping with El Bandito, about watching sunrises over salt flats. About running, and about discovering I had mild pneumonia three weeks before the show.

But I was simply too busy in March, once I recovered from aforementioned pneumonia, to finish any of those thoughts. This was worth it.