Monday, December 21, 2009

monday miscellany

1) Today I stumbled across a college friend's blog. It's been a decade since we've seen each other, and that was a random catch-up lunch when El Bandito and I were in her town for another friend's wedding. I sent her an email; I hope she responds. I'll be a little sad if she doesn't. On the other hand, there was something very satisfying about just discovering that she's there. That her life seems to be generally good, that she seems fundamentally more content than those restless college years, that she's raising beautiful intelligent children with a husband who clearly still rocks her world.

ii) The Circus Center had its annual Open House this weekend. Casual show. I didn't perform. But I'm thinking I will this spring or summer (dates TBD) when the more formal showcase is held. I'm actually kind of excited by this idea. Odd, since I had no intention of performing, ever. I'm making progress; right now it's trying to choreograph the transitions between moves that is as challenging for me in developing an act as the actual moves. More so.

C) I'm "training" for a 5k. Ludicrous, eh? Especially to the more dedicated runners who occasionally read this blog (which probably means all two of you wonderful ladies!). I can run/walk one easily. I know that. But I haven't done any "official" running in a very long time. I'd like to run the whole thing. I have no doubt I could do that, even now. I'd like to do it in a respectable time. But mostly, I just want something to focus on to get me out there running consistently; I need those miles for my mind. Along with the trapeze. They're different things. And I make time for running if I have a goal. Less so if I don't.

cuatro) My parents were supposed to come visit for Thanksgiving. Those plans got axed by my father's health issues. He's better, but not fully recovered. It's changed our holiday plans somewhat. I kept thinking, that entire week "oh, I should show them X" -- it has been years since they visited and we've discovered so much more of the area since then.

sqrt(25)) El Bandito and I have been attending astronomy lectures at the science museum. It's fun to think about the edges of the unknown. Expansive. And so different from the unknowns that I spend my days thinking about. Other types of science are fun!

two+two+two) It's been a social whirlwind the last month. Holidays and out-of-towners suddenly in town and catching up with friends whom I haven't seen in months or years. I joke about being a hermit, as work, trapeze and El Bandito take up most of my time. It's been lovely to see so many friends recently.

the fifth prime number) A recent entry on a running/tri blog I read referred to the state of being "hangry". so hungry you are angry for no good reason. I understand that better than I ought to admit. I like the word mutation. It made me laugh in recognition.

and that seems like more than enough miscellany for a Monday.