Sunday, December 2, 2012

eating ice cream in the rain

Much of my weekend is filled. (actually, most of my MONTH is filled). With fun things, but without lots of room to just say "hey, let's _____."  I'm starting to actually run my trapeze act getting ready for a show mid-month; I'm training for a half-marathon in February.  So yesterday's goals were: drag self to circus gym, run act at least twice.  later, go for a 5-6 mile run. Goals accomplished.

When I told El Bandito my plans in the morning, I stated them in short declarations.
And added "then date." He obliged.

It's pouring rain over here on the left coast. Nowhere near cold enough for an outdoor ice rink. Sloppy and sloshy. We didn't skate. (photo by El Bandito)

But we wandered around downtown with the bustle and the holiday shoppers and the rain.  Ooohed and aaahed at the cuteness of the adoptable kittens and puppies in a joint venture between the SPCA and a large department store.  Ate ice cream before dinner, with rain dripping on us, while we watched small children wobbling on their skates in the puddled ice.  It's not the first time we've eaten ice cream in the rain.

Stopped for dinner on the way home. Sat in the car for 10 minutes after parking at home to finish the rest of the short story being read on the radio.

I'm grateful that we can fit an hour or two of just hanging out time into a busy weekend. I was grinning watching the ice rink.

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