Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Somewhere I never imagined...

Titling this got Somewhere Over the Rainbow stuck in my head.

That's not entirely inappropriate.

I don't even have words for how grateful I am for trapeze and all that it has brought me.

El Bandito took this during the weekend's shows -- the lighting was bad (although there are some good photos and decent video).

If you'd asked me in college, I would have said there was no chance of my doing anything like this. Rock-climbing and kayaking were the limits of what I knew as extreme.

If you'd asked me in grad school, I was depressed and cranky. I would probably have snapped at you.

If you had asked me, even in the first few years after I discovered that ordinary people could try things at a circus school, if I'd ever perform, I probably would have laughed.

And then sometime in the last few years, I was willing to try it. Terrified, but anxious to move forward and do something, not just the physical challenge of it, but a mental/psychological one too.

Trapeze has given me a higher level of fitness than I ever expected, the chance to do extraordinary things on a random Sunday afternoon, and several of my closer friends.

And... I'm looking for more performance venues. (Don't worry, Bandito, I'm not quitting the day job...)

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