Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh, intentions

I intended to finish days 28,29, and 30.
I had posts planned.
Full of gratitude.

And then suddenly January happened. Funny how the earth continues to rotate through day and night whether or not you're really noting the passage of time. It wasn't a bad month; it wasn't a great month, it just kept sliding by.

Suddenly, it's February. A year ago, I'd just gotten back after a week's adventuring with Goose in Hungary and Croatia, jet-lagged, happy, wanting more adventure.

I didn't realize how much that desire would pervade my 2013, but my 41st year was one where I just kept seizing opportunities for travel. And regretting any that I turned down, even when work and financial solvency intervened.

It's 2014, and I keep craving more. Seeing new things, resetting my world view, meeting people whose experiences are so foreign from mine...

Fortunately, this year El Bandito's a little freer to join me on jaunts. So I keep day-dreaming. And starting to look at flights.

And hoping too, that my wandering and that of dear friends intersects this year...

But hi, blog. Maybe I'll remember to return more often.

Monday, December 30, 2013

days 26 & 27: walks in the snow and warm boots.

Many years, when we come to visit my family for the holidays, there's no snow on the ground. This year, there had been an ice storm a few days previous, visible in the trees and wires coated in clean crystalline ice and covered with fresh snow.  El Bandito and I wandered through the fresh snow, threw snowballs, made snowmen.  Enjoyed a brief bit of actual winter.  Grinned like a fool.

And the winter boots that I bought prior to the trip have proved worthy.  Warm feet and good traction. Grateful to have that option.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

day 25: the family gathering

Despite the way my sister and I push each other's buttons, despite the grumbles and the rolled-eyes, I love that I get to spend a few days each year in warmth and tradition. And gratitude to El Bandtio for putting up with the hassle and talking me down when I get a little riled-up.

clear roads and easy travel: gratitude day 24

A fun final day wandering the Windy City with El Bandito before picking up the rental car and heading off to my family for the actual holidays.  Grateful for smooth travel, a convenient car rental and upgrade, grocery stores with good take-out sections to make the drive more palatable.

day 23: the lake in winter

There's something about the icy great lake that always fills my heart with joy.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

day 19: connection. reconnection.

If you've been following along at home for the last few years, you already know that I started this December 30 days of gratitude because of an inspiring, but physically distant, friend: Jote.
That we'd reconnected in the ether with social media allowing us to have found each other and giving glimpses into our lives.

But we hadn't seen each other in almost 15 years.

I mentioned that I went to Austin in December.  I was wrapping up a year of travel, of exploring, and of doing things I've been saying for years I'd do.  That happened to include visiting my friend E. and his lovely family.

And it was also an excuse to see Jote.  With a little trepidation... despite the world of social media, our lives are so different than those unformed college days.  What if she didn't like me as much anymore? What if she wasn't actually excited to see me, but felt obligated to make time in her overwhelmed December pre-holiday schedule because I asked, and it had been so long?

When I opened E's door to head off with the lovely Jote for a cold morning walk, and she bounced her excitement at me... All that was dispelled. This was Jote, and her essential, quintessential, Jote-ness still speaks to my heart.

A couple years ago, I wrote about Jote "Older. Wiser. More bad-ass."  So true. She's a woman with a generous heart, an impeccable sense of what's needed, a snarky sense of humour in a very loving way. She's found a community of women friends that suits her, but I'm glad I'm still among them, even remotely.

So thankful that that connection is still there. That reconnection.  Here's to more reunions and more adventures, Jote. More walks along the water with touching public art displays. More conversations roaming from old to new to future.  And thank you for being so very you.

furry faces: day 18

(although this is being posted later. intended earlier. started, not finished, while I looked for a photo...)

 These furry faces are so very very helpful. Inquisitive.  Demanding. Ridiculous.

I have always been a dog person, but I can't have a dog currently -- I'm not home enough to be fair to the dog yet. Someday.  I'm also a cat person.  A lot of people are one-or-the-other.  Not to say that cats aren't time-intensive, but there's a little less structure to it.

These guys are devoted and have us well-trained.

There's something about having a completely relaxed critter sprawled against you, lacking all dignity, that's incredibly soothing and relaxing.

They force us to sit down and chill out sometimes. and that's a bonus.

And they leave huge pawprints on our hearts.