Wednesday, June 24, 2009

getting my act together

act: n, 1 : the doing of a thing...7 a: one of successive parts or performances (as in a variety show or circus) b: the performer or performers in such an act c: a performance or presentation identified with a particular individual or group d: the sum of a person's actions or effects that serve to create an impression or set an example

getting one's act together:
Informal. to organize one's time, job, resources, etc., so as to function efficiently.

I ran last week. and this week. After a full four weeks not running, thanks to first a chest cold for my last week at the old job, followed by our mini-vacation (with some serious hiking; 600m of elevation gain in under 2.5km) and then starting a new job... Excuses, excuses.

and then, finally, I laced up my shoes and ran a few miles and suddenly... things settled in my brain. The buzz calmed down.

Starting a new job has been both enjoyable and overwhelming. I'm starting, after 3 weeks, to feel like I'm actually making sense of what I'm doing. There are parts of my job that are just plain sad. I haven't worked with patients in years, and seeing some of the things that can go wrong is depressing. But it also feels good to be potentially doing something clinically relevant.

But the biggest reason for the title... I've finally decided it's time to put some real time and energy into a trapeze act. Time, indeed, to get my act together. Stay timed. I won't be performing anytime soon, but video may be available shortly upon request. We'll see.