Friday, October 14, 2011

woefully neglected (Friday 5)

I think about returning to this blog every once in a while. Usually while biking to or from work, and then I don't sit down and do so.

The last few months have been jam-packed. Although, perhaps sadly, not packed with jam. Hmmm. It's almost time for apple butter and apple sauce season.
Too much to recount, especially when most of the handful of folks who read this interact with me more often than I seem to post. Perhaps eventually I'll update on the wonderful mountain hiking excursion, or seeing Casablanca with the symphony providing the soundtrack. Or dancing (albeit poorly) to Joan Baez singing not 4' away. Or not.

However, in preparation for another round of "30 days of a grateful heart" in December, I'm trying to regain a habit.

Five Things on a Friday

i) last night, I took another trapeze trick out of safety lines. and have two or three more that are almost there. I feel like I'm making progress, and it's a lovely feeling.

dos) I spent last weekend visiting friends in the pacific northwest. Nice to get a change of scenery, and detect autumn in the air and colors. It was a wonderful visit of walking and talking, but also somewhat sad, as their marriage has been quite rocky for the last year. They married the year before we did. I got home and took a deep breath in appreciation for the luck I have in my marriage.

3) I get to have dinner with friends and a nice bottle of wine that El Bandito and I brought back from our February adventure. I am looking forward to a lovely evening.

D) Tomorrow morning, I'm trying something new with my run -- I'm doing the first portion and then meeting a newly running friend for the last few miles to see how that goes. I think I'm slow; I know she's actually slower at this point, but I suspect I'll welcome that for the last bit. Then I get to have a day to work on household projects, which have been neglected too. See jampacked.

five) The building fire alarm went off and interrupted me. I won't actually consider that a sign.