Friday, December 6, 2013

the kitten windows; gratitude day 5

Every holiday season, the Macy's in the city by the bay teams up with the local SPCA for an awesome outreach and adoption event.  They turn 5 of the store windows into showcases for local cats and dogs (mostly kittens and puppies) in need of homes.

Every year, I make it a point to get downtown at least once to wander past and appreciate the adorable critters, though our two cats wouldn't welcome an interloper... or would they?

I haven't made it down there this year yet.

But several times today, my phone chimed with messages -- a few from El Bandito, one from another friend who'd passed by. They both knew that I love these displays.

While I wish I could take all the cute and cuddly home, I am grateful for the photos, the thoughts behind them, and the good homes being found for critters in need.

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