Tuesday, December 24, 2013

furry faces: day 18

(although this is being posted later. intended earlier. started, not finished, while I looked for a photo...)

 These furry faces are so very very helpful. Inquisitive.  Demanding. Ridiculous.

I have always been a dog person, but I can't have a dog currently -- I'm not home enough to be fair to the dog yet. Someday.  I'm also a cat person.  A lot of people are one-or-the-other.  Not to say that cats aren't time-intensive, but there's a little less structure to it.

These guys are devoted and have us well-trained.

There's something about having a completely relaxed critter sprawled against you, lacking all dignity, that's incredibly soothing and relaxing.

They force us to sit down and chill out sometimes. and that's a bonus.

And they leave huge pawprints on our hearts.

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