Wednesday, December 11, 2013

day 11: generosity of friends and social media

El Bandito had a lousy evening tonight.  The kind that isn't life-alteringly bad, but just kind of grinds you down.  His evening commute home involved the usual Wednesday veggie box pickup, mostly according to plan -- until he continued on by train and the train hit a car.  Sounds like nobody was hurt, so again: inconvenience and annoyance.  And he walked the rest of the way home carrying a very full backpack.

To discover that he'd left his keys (and at some point he'd already discovered: his kindle) at the office. At least that was his hope.

And I was off playing on the lyra and not noticing his texts.  He did the sensible thing -- grabbed the bus over to a favorite restaurant, got some dinner and a drink and waited for me to end my classes and come home.  Which I eventually did, feeling a little chagrinned I hadn't noticed his texts.

But the grumpy facebook post he made was greeted with both sympathy and offers of help: one friend with keys to our house was willing to drive across the city to let him in if necessary.  Another woman we don't know as well offered him her spare room if he needed a place to stay.

So yeah, it was kind of a bummer of an evening and all that. I don't think he's feeling that grateful, though he's a good-humoured guy and will soon dispel the grouchy.  But I loved the reminder that sometimes, you don't even have to ask to have people offer assistance.

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