Tuesday, December 17, 2013

days 16 & 17: getting a little holiday spirit

There's something about living in this beautiful city by the bay that makes it hard for me to believe the holidays are nearly here. I've been having some serious grinch moments -- I love giving my friends and family gifts; I hate having a time frame. Because we travel to see family, we don't decorate the house (see also: the cats, one of whom is nicknamed Destructor)

I want more time to wander through the holiday-lit scenes, to go ice-skating in the public outdoor rink, to maybe attend a holiday party or two.

But I keep filling up all my evenings and weekends. With fun things, generally, but not "holiday" things.

A couple of days earlier this week, though, I managed to slip in a few things that make me love this time of year: a walk through the crowded holiday lights downtown on our way to dinner, and a trip to the Nutcracker with a couple of friends, getting our ballet fix.  Although I have to say, I'm glad I found circus rather than reconnecting to dance.

And now, most of our holiday shopping is done (by internet, primarily, although I managed to support some of our local businesses in the process. that's important to me, but so is not having to carry large heavy things across the country).  Tomorrow after work, El Bandito and I have a date for champagne and snacks, and then we start the holiday travel soon thereafter.

So I'm glad I've gotten a few minutes, a few hours, here and there to stop and enjoy some tradition, without feeling too overwhelmed.

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