Monday, December 9, 2013

random radio-induced nostalgia; gratitude day 9

I don't drive all that often these days; it's often almost easier to get around by public transit, work shuttle, or bike -- and I like to walk places too.
Mondays are an exception, since I drive to one of my circus gyms after work and then home, not wanting to stand waiting for a bus in the chilly darkness. The bus ride home from there takes about 3 times as long as driving, and I sure don't have the energy to bike it after that workout.

So Monday mornings El Bandito and I carpool; I drop him off and continue onward.  Today, I got tired of the callers on the NPR show and changed radio stations to find myself almost immediately singing along to a song I didn't think I'd heard in ~25 years. Such an incredibly fast recall of the lyrics and I found myself humming the Stray Cat Strut all day long. Brought a little lilt to my step.

And on the way home, the same station hit me with another burst of nostalgia and provoked me into sending a note to an old friend to say "hey, I miss you" -- and only she will know why that song made me think of her, and our early teenage years.

Sometimes, you get unexpected gifts if you just take a few seconds to notice them.
Even if they don't provide a good photo hook for blogging :)

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