Saturday, December 21, 2013

day 21: gratitude in the face of sadness

I don't have a beautiful photo for today's post.
I have a lot of sadness.
A friend of mine suffered an incredible, sudden, and devastating loss.
It's not my loss, but I am absolutely gut-wrenched for her.

It's hard, in the face of such things, to find anything to be grateful for, although I've had a lovely day with El Bandito, who holds my hand when the sadness rises through.

And yet also, this is when gratitude is the most important.  To cherish the moments, the friends, the community, the relationships. To appreciate the phone conversations sharing the sad news -- that we all care enough to inform, discuss, mourn together. To reach out to her, and each other.

Life is short. And fleeting. And things change unexpectedly.  If you're reading this, go hug the people you love. And be grateful for them.

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