Sunday, December 15, 2013

el bandito; gratitude project day 15

I keep getting stuck starting this, because El Bandito deserves just the right words. I'm always grateful to him, even when we're bickering about something stupid. So this will get posted late, but not because my gratitude is insignificant. Overwhelming.

He adds so much laughter to my life. Ridiculous, hysterical, can't-breathe-it-hurts kinda laughter. After all these years, it's the inside jokes, the raised eyebrow, the sideways look -- he know just how to crack me up.

And yet he's also supportive and understanding and ... my safety net.

I declared 2013 to be my year of adventure (though honestly, I'm not planning on slacking off much for 2014).

So I headed off to Eastern Europe to meet a friend for a whirlwind week.  and then met her again in the late spring for a few days of mountain hiking. And went paragliding for the first time.

All of those adventures had El Bandito's encouragement and approval.
Sometimes, he adventures with me.  Eight beautiful days of mountain hiking in the fall -- and he even tried paragliding with me. For someone who is not fond of heights, that's a leap, no pun actually intended. And I love that he's willing to test his own boundaries to come explore the world with me.

When two of my circus friends invited me to go to Myanmar with them, his reaction was "It sounds like you really want to go. We can make this happen."  And it did.  It was wonderful, and I missed him mightily.

Sometimes he restrains me lightly, makes me consider the options, tells me something's a crazy idea. But he's always there, ready to encourage me, celebrate my achievements and catch me if something goes wrong. To hold my hand when I'm nervous before a show. To bring me coffee in the morning. To kiss me on the forehead.  To be there. It's amazing to know.

He'll be there.

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