Saturday, December 11, 2010

vegetable box

red kuri squash soup
roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed napa cabbage served with jote's tofu (which has become a staple recipe in this house since I rediscovered it)
salad greens w/ fresh dill and sweet sweet carrots

these are a few of the things we've eaten in the last week that have come from our vegetable box (ok, the tofu didn't, but I included it anyway)

Sometimes, picking up the box seems like an extra step in an already overcrowded week (although El Bandito usually does it on his way home by bike, and sometimes we'll manage to connect to ride the rest of the way together; that's enjoyable.)

but having a wide variety of seasonable, tasty, "locally*" grown organic vegetables and fresh farm eggs? (and a husband that makes me very tasty things with them?) I love that.

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