Monday, December 27, 2010

mini-vacations (gratitude, post delayed)

El Bandito and I ran away.

We do this almost every year now on the annual holiday family visit -- as much as I do love visiting my family, this break we've instituted? Helps everyone.

We ran away.
We spent a lovely afternoon at the art museum in the Windy City, some time browsing in a bookstore (mostly used books). Wandering city streets and imagining ourselves living in that apartment. Kicking snow at each other.

Dinner, with a wonderful bottle of wine at half-price because Monday nights are half-price wine at the little restaurant we chose at random.

Touching base.
Drinking a little more than we should.
Strolling hand-in-hand back to the b-and-b.
Laughing, again, as El Bandito crashes to sleep before I do.

Comfortable bed to nestle in. Good coffee to wake up to.
Time to stroll by the lakeshore, see how the ice has coated the trees.

Time to reconnect and strengthen our little world-of-two. There's room for so much more when we're solidly together. These times? They don't have to be deep conversations, although they allow for them. It's about being together. Running away and running toward.

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