Wednesday, December 22, 2010

having health insurance

Having health insurance doesn't seem like something two relatively healthy people should need to think about enough to be grateful for. And health insurance doesn't quite resonate with the heart-warming gratitude of so many other of these posts. And yet?

My ankle has cost a lot of money despite having good insurance.
And taken a lot of time to heal.

It could have been so very much worse.
had I torn another centimeter, it could have required surgery.

I've bitched about the slowness of healing this injury.

But I'm not complaining about my physical therapist or my sports medicine people. I am grateful to them for setting limits. For making me respect just how effed I managed to make my ankle in one very efficient missed step.

El Bandito has incurred an injury of his own. Tweaked his knee somehow. Hopefully very minor.I have suggested to him that it might be a RSI from sewing (heavy duty industrial sewing machine).
He thinks it likely.

But having decent health insurance means we don't have to wait it out. That he can have it checked before we fly across the country. That we both get some reassurance.

and that I can laugh at him for having a sewing injury, once we know it's nothing major.

It's a ridiculous thing in some ways, but I am so grateful to have decent coverage. And to be able to afford the copays and treatments.

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