Monday, December 6, 2010

full days and laughter

Mondays are ... well, Mondays around here. The scurrying to get out the door in the morning, trying to make sure that I have everything I might need for the day in my bag (gym clothes, work appropriate attire if I'm wearing bicycle-commuting clothes, shoes, lunch, snacks, warm sweater, keys, wallet, phone, id card). Breakfast. Rushing.

Which isn't to say Mondays are bad days, just that it's easy to get into the weekend flow.

Today was very full. Busy at work, a lunchtime pilates workout that boosted my mood immensely, and the afternoon flew by until it was time to run home, feed the beasts and meet El Bandito to attend an astronomy lecture at the science museum.

And then pizza, salad, discussion of dark matter and lots of laughter with good friends.

Now, it's time to do ankle exercises and the nightly cleanup before starting another jam-packed day tomorrow. But first, a moment to appreciate that my days are packed with fun, interesting things.

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