Friday, December 3, 2010

there's a book...

waiting for me to put down my computer.
not a particularly special book - in fact, it could be any of several.

I have always been a reader, though not quite to the extent my sister was (and is). She's the type of reader who can immerse herself in a book so thoroughly that she can tune out most of the outside world.

I'm a little bit more easily distracted.
However, I'm also an absurdly fast reader, and even a good novel may only last me an hour. A friend of mine once commented "you've probably read more really good books and more lousy books than anyone I know" because I have a hard time giving up on a book once I start it.

And I know that this Christmas, just like every Christmas I can recall, there will be a box of library books under the tree to be devoured over the holidays.

So today's gratitude? Public libraries. For feeding my addiction to the written word. For not making me pay for the privilege. For making information available for people who need it. For giving free internet, for having rooms full of children's books and storytimes, for their programs and lectures and all those good things.

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