Tuesday, December 14, 2010

an ordinary day

Yesterday, I said it was the details to be grateful for.
And it is, as well as the big things, of which there are plenty.

Today, however, I was finding it difficult to be grateful. Not for anything of import. No sad news, no family issues, no drama that needs to be resolved. Just ... not feeling particularly grateful. A little grouchy.

So I sat down to write this, and the cat jumped up on my lap and El Bandito's in the kitchen making dinner and I thought...

I *am* grateful today. Grateful for the ordinary day. For the cat trying to steal my morning yogurt. For the coffee. For the job which sometimes frustrates me, sometimes makes me feel underutilized, but lets me spend my free time playing in circus school. an expensive habit, this trapeze business. For the flexibility in the job that lets me spend a little extra time in the morning with El Bandito. For the view from my office window, as distracting as it sometimes is. For the bike rides to and from work. For the rain. Sometimes, an ordinary day is just what you need.

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