Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cold, crisp air. or, gratitude: my commute

I don't think I've made a secret of the fact I commute by bicycle. I could say that I do so for environmental reasons, and it's true that I am glad my lifestyle doesn't require me to drive to work.

I used to walk to work, and someday, when I have two fully functional ankles again, I probably will intermittently do so again.

Even walking is more efficient than taking transit, thanks to the geography and transit routing in my vicinity.

Seriously, the primary reason behind my bike commute is my complete lack of patience. I'd rather be moving than not.

However, I have an awesome commute, by bicycle or walking. I go through one of this country's great urban park, passing museums, fountains, people doing tai-chi. Dogs chasing balls. Hawks screaming in the trees above me.

This morning, I biked a little extra to fully take it in again. I could be stuck in stop-and-go traffic. I could be in a sardine-can of a train, breathing other people's perfume. I could be in a bus, jerking slowly to my destination.

Instead, I get to start my workday with fresh, crisp autumn air and beautiful sights.

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