Monday, November 10, 2008

hazy lazy adventure

Scene: living room, NYT magazine crossword on lap
time: early afternoon, a partly sunny Sunday

El Bandito: So, would you like to go for a walk?

You must now momentarily close your eyes and imagine a border collie offered that option. Spinning around in cirlces by the front door wondering what's taking the silly man so long.

My shoes were on in less time than it took to type this sentence.

Through the park, along with the skaters and cyclists and runners out enjoying their weekend.
By one of the LBS to grab a replacement inner tube.
Up a big hill for the view. Down through random streets and stairways.

I kept waiting for that jingling sound of change in the pocket that signals El Bandito's ready to grab a bus back towards home... and not hearing it.

next stop: ice cream

and then walk continued, through the gritty sunny district and past the industrial warehouses. over another hill. A stop for coffee.

and suddenly we were veering into a large sporting goods and outdoor store; now my bike wears a shiny silver bell I can used to alert folks I'm passing in the crowded park.

continuing towards the waterfront -- another detour, for a late-afternoon beer at the pub.

strolling along the waterfront, watching the tourists and residents alike enjoying the hints of sunset and oncoming twilight.

we topped the afternoon off with perfect public transit timing.

it was like my day was sprinkled with magic pixie dust. a series of small, random adventures connected by the path of my feet.

8.3 miles of urban exploration, initiated by one random query. A great way to spend a lazy Sunday.

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