Sunday, November 23, 2008


part of the blessing/curse of being a redhead is bruising easily.

I counted seven bruises on my legs this morning.
at least 3 of them are from trying new things on the trapeze -- and it feels good to be trying *new* things again.

2 are from running into things when locking up my bike on days I commute by bike (most).

the others are a mystery.

I don't really mind. El Bandito thinks bruises are attractive -- not the multishades of hematoma, but the fact that they represent a willingness to attempt things. (we'll ignore the clutz factor).

I've been stepping up the job hunt, so I feel a little bruised mentally. It's hard work trying to decide what I want to do. Stepping outside my comfort zone athletically is enough of a challenge; doing so professionally is important but equally terrifying. And convincing other people that I'm qualified to do so? Scary stuff.

In other notes, Thanksgiving is approaching. We seem to be planning on ignoring the holiday. Our quirky oven is too small to properly roast a turkey, and our usual assemblage of friends all have assorted unpredictable plans this year. So, there will be a bike ride -- we'll keep that tradition (or substitute a long rambling walk). But I'm still grateful. Giving thanks and appreciating friends and family doesn't need to be limited to one specified holiday. I've got a good life, bruises and all.

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