Saturday, October 25, 2008

lucky number 13*

12.9 miles.
on my bicycle.

my lovely, wonderful, commuter bicycle, complete with rack, generator headlight and fenders.

It's the longest ride I've taken in well over a year, since before my shoulder surgery. The longest on this bike ever. (It, while excellent for commuting, is not exactly light -- I think I need to get a road bike for real rides).

for many of my imaginary internet readers, that's just a warm-up.

but it still feels like an accomplishment.

For the week:
walking -- 12.5 miles
running -- 2.9 miles**
bicycling -- 30 miles
trapeze -- 1.5 hours
core and strength conditioning -- 2.5 hours
shoulder exercises -- daily

* There's a decently-divish bar in San Francisco with the name Lucky 13.

** Last night I met a friend after work for "a run". She's on week 2 of couch-potato-to-5k, and I let her set the pace. I'm counting this as walking, as it turned out I could walk as fast as she was moving. We're doing it again next week.

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