Saturday, December 6, 2014

hand in hand is the only way to land... (gratitude, day 6)

I spent a fair portion of today in contact with another body, and not necessarily El Bandito.  A few hours of doubles trapeze training, which involves both intentional grabs and "oh crap, that wasn't what we meant to do grabs" -- and basic hand-to-hand contact.

Which was a good metaphor for the day.  My trapeze partner is one of the people who I travelled with last year in my spates of adventure -- she's a good friend and great adventure partner, in so many ways. Our mutual friend and travel companion (and her primary trapeze partner) had expressed frustration and sadness that he was effectively single-parenting for  a few weeks and was feeling overwhelmed at pre-Christmas preparation. That getting a tree, running up and down from the basement to get decorations, etc..., just all seemed too much.

To which we declared an easy solution -- El Bandito, myself, my partner, her boyfriend, her trapeze partner and his 3-y.o. daughter met up for brunch, picked out a tree, and spend the afternoon hanging out, watching them decorate and drinking champagne.

Sometimes, you just need to stretch out a hand. I think we all had a good afternoon, and I know he felt better about things when the tree was up.

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