Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh, intentions

I intended to finish days 28,29, and 30.
I had posts planned.
Full of gratitude.

And then suddenly January happened. Funny how the earth continues to rotate through day and night whether or not you're really noting the passage of time. It wasn't a bad month; it wasn't a great month, it just kept sliding by.

Suddenly, it's February. A year ago, I'd just gotten back after a week's adventuring with Goose in Hungary and Croatia, jet-lagged, happy, wanting more adventure.

I didn't realize how much that desire would pervade my 2013, but my 41st year was one where I just kept seizing opportunities for travel. And regretting any that I turned down, even when work and financial solvency intervened.

It's 2014, and I keep craving more. Seeing new things, resetting my world view, meeting people whose experiences are so foreign from mine...

Fortunately, this year El Bandito's a little freer to join me on jaunts. So I keep day-dreaming. And starting to look at flights.

And hoping too, that my wandering and that of dear friends intersects this year...

But hi, blog. Maybe I'll remember to return more often.

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