Thursday, January 12, 2012

how is it the second week of January?

2012 keeps flying.  The holidays already seem a long time past.

There's a lot going on already in 2012, most of which I won't talk about publicly. At least, I won't talk about it publicly unless and until things are more definite. So, I'm a little more on edge.

Which probably means that it's a very good thing that I am (somewhat haphazardly) training for a half marathon on Superbowl Sunday, though I haven't yet fully committed to it. We'll see how this weekend's long run goes -- it's weird training on 2-3 runs per week, but I can't fit any more in around circus training. That's more important to me, even though it has less tangible goals right now.

However, last Saturday's long run was beautiful. A lovely morning run with some good hills and beautiful vistas and a good pace for the 10 miles of running (11.5 with walks and warm-up/cool-down).

Normally I'd do my long run on Sundays, to give my body a day off after the week's crazy workouts. This past weekend, however, I was holding Sunday open for a hike with a pal. I wasn't sure if she could make it, but she surprised me slightly by jumping on the opportunity Saturday night. The weather continued to be gorgeous. The scenery was amazing, and the company awesome as always.

It's good to have these times, where my needs for exercise and company are met simultaneously.

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