Monday, April 25, 2011


Springtime makes me restless.

I came back from our fabulous vacation feeling ready for a major change, though not certain what that change needed to be.

I'm still not certain.

The month following involved a serious work crunch, and readjusting expectations after no longer having a trapeze-related performance goal, thanks to the financial chaos the circus school found itself in.

I took a business trip (related to that serious work crunch). On the flight on the way back, I had a meandering conversation with the soldier next to me. He said that I just lit up when talking about trapeze. It's still my passion. I can't imagine running off to join the circus -- my body's just not that resilient any more. So I'm still training hard, but not with a direction. I suspect that contributes to my restlessness.

Setting running goals. Thinking about career directions and opportunities. Dreaming of moving to "middle earth". Planning more vacations. Researching adventure trips.

I'm still restless.

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