Saturday, March 26, 2011

mixed bag

I got back from a three-week vacation two weeks ago, and it seems like forever. It was an excellent vacation, full of minor adventures, a lot of relaxation, good food and gorgeous scenery.

And sheep.
And penguins.

Things have been a mixed bag since I returned, however. My circus school is in the midst of restructuring and moderate upheaval. One of my coaches left. And my favorite class has been cancelled -- I can take the "same" class on a different day, and will, but I really liked that particular time slot for many reasons.

And work has been ornerous at times. Re-entry never is easy after a fabulous vacation, I suppose. I knew there were some unresolved issues to address when I got back.

However, I did say it was a mixed bag. And that indicates good along with cranky.

Finding out I've been put forward for a raise/promotion, a year ahead of schedule.

A run in the light rain. Slow, but felt surprisingly easy considering how little running I've done in the last 6 weeks. Longer than I'd intended, because of the ease.

Walking into the house and finding dinner was mostly ready.

Trying flying trapeze for the first time ever. Oh, I love my static trapeze; I'm not giving it up! But it was fun to try a new aerial apparatus. Scary, but fun. Oddly, once I was flying, it wasn't scary, but waiting for takeoff was a bit unnerving.

A long catch-up phone call with a good friend. This too a mixed-bag, in that said friend is facing some major life decisions with fairly tight time deadlines. But still very very good to talk.

Tonight, a casual dinner date with my husband. Tomorrow, a hike with a friend, rain or shine.

and now, back to work.

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