Tuesday, September 30, 2008

breathing space

Soon I'll hear whether or not I got the job I interviewed for last week. Then comes the equally tough decision as to whether to take it; I think I probably will if offered but it's a very different direction. Different from where I've been, certainly. Potentially different from the things I've thought about as "next steps", which are many and varied. It's exciting to consider, if nothing else. Interviewing brought back a sense of competence and ability and "ballsy attitude" that I'd somehow misplaced over the last few years. That's not to say I'm a wallflower, by any means, but I felt more confident in that interview than I would have predicted.

Hmmm. Considering that I said in my intro post that I wasn't going into details about career transitions, I'm babbling rather a lot about this process. Ah well.

On a different note, in the month of September, I've traveled over 100 miles on foot -- and an additional 40+ miles by bicycle, and then there's planes and automobiles, and if you count light rail, trains. Some of that was fabulous hiking with El Bandito in the Canadian Rockies, visiting alpine lakes and scrambling up goat trails. Some was commuting. Some was wandering with a friend exploring any number of random conversational topics. Too little of it was running, but even walking there's a meditation in the footfalls and heartbeats.

I'm avoiding blogging about politics. There are plenty of intelligent & thoughtful voices that I could only wish to emulate, but I find the fury grows too quickly. Suffice it to say that this election gives me greater hope than many I can remember, but also terrifies me at a level I can't express.

100+ miles.
Now I just have to relearn how to breathe while in the water.
Meanwhile, tomorrow I get to hang upside down from my heels. I love trapeze!

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21stCenturyMom said...

You've almost covered Ironman distance for the month - way to go!

I can hardly wait for the debate tonight. It is going to be very interesting.