Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Saturday night was a circus show.

A scaled-down, one-night only showcase for the circus school I go to.  Previous showcases (before the school's implosion in early 2011) were full weekend events, with 4 shows, and tickets costing $20. This was a free show.

None of this diminishes my joy in *finally* having gotten to perform a trapeze act.

It was tremendous fun to be part of a show, with silly transition acts and group dance numbers (that was pretty ridiculous).

I want to do it all again. Now!

As exhausting (physically, mentally) and time-consuming as the training and rehearsals were, I still want to do it all again.

Damn addictive trapeze.

I've got drafts of posts written. About road-tripping with El Bandito, about watching sunrises over salt flats. About running, and about discovering I had mild pneumonia three weeks before the show.

But I was simply too busy in March, once I recovered from aforementioned pneumonia, to finish any of those thoughts. This was worth it.


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