Friday, February 3, 2012

the year is flying...


It's hard to believe it's already February.
And February, short month that it is, is already booked.

Sunday, I'm running a half-marathon.
Aside: how the hell is it I'm getting a cold now? (Apart from the fact that El Bandito's been sick intermittently for the last 3 weeks, and I've been fighting it off and fighting it off.  I'm going to be very cranky if I'm sick on Sunday. (See previous instances of bad timing).

Later this month, I'm auditioning a trapeze piece.

El Bandito and I are taking a long weekend trip to the desert (lowest, hottest, driest National Park). I am excited.

El Bandito is job-hunting -- not because he doesn't have a job, but because it's time to move on. I should be doing the same. I am, just much less actively. Because one thing my job does give me is time -- and giving that up will be hard.  Vacation time, for which I have more adventure ideas than I can afford -- or fit even into my generous vacation time. Flexibility, so I can run out the door to a trapeze class. or take an hour-long run at lunch.  Time to day-dream -- and I am full of adventurous day dreams right now.

One friend just returned from a (nearly) spontaneous week in Thailand. Three other friends returned from seeing an amazing circus festival in Paris.  Another friend is off to Hawaii.  Despite our 2011 being *stuffed* with travel, I want to go more places and do more things.

How the heck I'm going to fit it in? I don't know. Maybe I'll think about that on Sunday, since I'll have a couple of hours to think while running...

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