Wednesday, March 4, 2009

comfort zone

I've been having trouble motivating to apply for jobs. Part of it is that the positions I've found to apply for are really not what I want to be doing long-term, except for the job I applied for in December. Unfortunately, I don't think I even got an interview with them -- they still hadn't completed their short list of candidates by mid-February, but I assume they must have at this juncture.

Some of what I want to do would be best done as a freelance/self-employment venture, but I don't have the paper credentials to make that work.

And some of my lack of motivation is comfort in my current position. I know it's ending, sooner rather than later, but it's been a good fit for me and I'm comfortable there.

It's time to step outside my comfort zone.

I realized, after 2.5 hours in the aerial gym last night, that's part of why trapeze is so important to me. Trapeze challenges my comfort zones. It expands them. It makes me face my fears (even rational ones, like "you want me to do what? rotate 180 degrees and let go of my hands?") and evaluate them.

And in a different way, I'm regaining my comfort on the trapeze. The apprehension and fear of "what if I hurt my shoulder again" has slowly dissipated. I don't think of it for most moves.

Get up. Adjust. Try again.

It's not just for trapeze.


21stCenturyMom said...

I wish I could take my willingness to travel outside the boundries of my comfort zone in training and apply to job hunting. That would be good. Apparently I have to access different areas of my ego for those things and the job hunting ego center likes to stay as comfy as possible.

Juls said...

I like your analogy for trapeze and stepping out of your comfort zone. I think you're on to something.